Somewhere in Morocco

"For Paul Bowles there was no silence like that of the Sahara. For me, lying on a Bedouin blanket looking up into the Sahara sky, the sand softened darkness and the night was potent, making me feel both big and small.  On the edge of sleep and waiting for dawn, all things, for a moment, felt possible.

My road trip took me from the ancient red walls of Fez, through the Atlas Mountains and the edges of the desert to Marrakesh.  It was a taste of Morroco that fed me and made me hungry for more.  I used Hipstamatic on my iPhone to capture moments I saw.  I like using Hipstamatic because the square format reminds me of my favorite film camera, a Rolleiflex."  - Marie-Hélène 

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Photographer: Marie-Hélène Carleton