Marie-Hélène moderates Women in Focus: Celebrating women filmmakers and the stories behind their work

Marie-Hélène Carleton moderates a panel presented by Harbers Studios and Film Fatales where three female documentary filmmakers shared their experiences and insights about working in difficult locations. 

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At the Water's Edge: Artists in Red Hook After Sandy

It's been five years since Superstorm Sandy hit New York City and flooded Red Hook. We're marking the anniversary by sharing this multimedia story we created several days after the storm about artists in Red Hook affected by the flooding. Click below to hear Z Behl, Benh Zeitlin, and Dustin Yellin of Pioneer Works talk about their experiences in Sandy's aftermath. 

Micah speaks at re:publica 2017 panel

Micah Garen and Treasa O'Brien look at non-fiction storytelling in an age of ubiquitous digital device and platforms. 

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ScreeningRoom hosts reading of Walt Whitman's Song of Myself

Micah talks to D.S. Moss for his podcast, Memento Mori

Micah Garen talks with D.S. Moss about life, his kidnapping and – spoiler alert – William Carlos Williams (The Red Wheelbarrow and other thoughtful poems) for D.S. Moss’ intriguing, smart and unexpectedly humorous new podcast series, Memento Mori.  Listen here for Episode 5: Escaping Death.


Je Suis Charlie 

Cartoon by Micah Garen. Posted by NewsweekOverseas Press Club, and CNN.


Inside the Fight to Help Refugees in Lesbos, Ground Zero for Europe's Migrant Crisis

Article, short film and portrait series on Vanity Fair. 


The Daily Struggle of Lebanon's One Million Syrian Refugees

Article and documentary series on Newsweek.

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Marja: The New Afghan Battleground

Article and three-part documentary series on Newsweek.

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View the documentary: part I, part II, part III


Deep Divide

Article and three-part documentary series for The Financial Times. 

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View the documentary: part I, part II, part III